Date details
12th Oct 2022 – 12th Oct 2022
Propyard, Bristol
2.5 hrs

Join us for an exciting evening of adventure and outdoor films that highlight the grit, diversity, challenges and triumphs of adventure’s lesser-known tales, in partnership with the Blue Earth Summit.

Where will the films be screened?

At Propyard in Bristol, an independent platform for art, food and music in Bristol, and in partnership with The Blue Earth Summit.

Event Summary

Adventure Uncovered's inaugural film festival event in Bristol will take place at Propyard, Bristol on October 12th, in partnership with Blue Earth Summit.

Want to be part of a creative movement for change?

From women's longstanding involvement in climbing and the healing power of cold water swimming, to bikepacking across the Navajo reservation and dramatic views of the UK’s National Parks in 100 Seconds, the evening is set to inspire and light a spark in all of us!

Plus, there will be short Q&A’s with some of the filmmakers, cast and directors.

2022 selections

Directed by Rachel Sarah

A Land For Everyone is a short film documenting the work of skateboard and adventure photographer Hannah Bailey, and skateboarder, Lyndsay McLaren. As women who grew up in rural Scotland, Hannah and Lyndsay's teenage selves never imagined a career in skateboarding would be possible, so this adven...

Directed by Sim Warren

Sat on top of two wheels, James Lucas, and his bike, are a vehicle for change. Born from a fragment of an idea James had on a cycle trip through Norway, the Bristol Bike Project ( is the beating heart for mobilising local people on bikes. Through the people James meets a...

Directed by Menna Wakeford

A funny, heartwarming and honest conversation with The Pinnacle Club. Highlighting women's longstanding involvement in climbing, and aiming to rebalance a narrative which has been primarily about men; join members of the club as they celebrate their centenary during a global pandemic.

Directed by David Mathias

Bristol Steppin Sistas are a new grassroots walking group of women of colour established in Bristol in April 2021 that aims to reach out to local women in the area who identify with our lived experience to encourage an interest in walking and thriving in open spaces. Filmed during a walk around K...

Directed by Alice Ward

Ebb and Flow is a film produced, shot and edited by Alice Ward. It features the experiences of three fearless females and their passion for surfing the waves off the west coast of Ireland. Filmed throughout 2019 Alice captures the mystical relationship these amazing women have with the power and...

Directed by Maxime Moulin

Flow, an aerial and symphonic journey with skier Sam Favret, in the heart of a closed resort during this very special winter of 2021. A dose of unreality, serenity and Sam's powerful skiing. But above all the pleasure of rediscovering a playground back to its wild state.

Directed by Roxy Furman

After experiencing injustice when hiking in the English countryside, Amira Patel decided she wanted to help create a safe space for Muslim women outdoors. She founded her own group, the Wanderlust Women. During lockdown, Amira found a love of wild swimming: it was a place of stillness, in which s...

Directed by Austin Smock

Jon Yazzie struggled to connect to his cultural identity for some time, leading him to make the wrong life choices and lack a sense of belonging. It wasn't until he discovered bikepacking and made his way back to the Navajo reservation that he could regain that connection and feel at peace with h...

Directed by Laura Basil Duncan

A short documentary about an adaptive surfer’s journey to restart. Rebirth focuses on Benoit, a surfer from the Basque country, fighting for his love of riding waves after a freak accident resulted in him losing an arm. Through deep perseverance and an upbeat spirit, the challenge to adapt develo...

Directed by Guen Murroni

Meet Stormskater – a London based roller-skater who started skating by picking up tips and techniques from other skaters in different spots in the city. Now, she’s one of the most well known skaters in the UK. She gives us insight into the increasingly popular sport and its community, its relevan...

The Tipping Point is a ‘thank you’ letter to the winter. As cyclists, we noticed a clear shift. Any traces of autumn take a bow and we’re left with winter in its purest form. The woods turn to deep, dark, earthy shades and seem devoid of life. Temperatures and traction drop hand-in-hand and rides...



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Opening by our host Ellie Mackay, then films start with The Tipping Point


It Has Become Beauty Again


Meangingful Journey - Connection


Ebb and Flow




Bristol Steppin Sisters + Q&A with Director, David Mathias and Sophie Brown


I Am Capable + Q&A with Director, Roxy Firman


Drinks, snacks & chats!


Wavelength X Vans




A Land for Everyone (+ Q&A with Hannah Bailey & Lyndsay McLaren)


A Woman's Place



'The films were not only stunning and inspiring, they really made me aware of so much good happening in the world.'

Kim Slade, iPhone Filmmaker

In partnership with:

Blue Earth Summit, Bristol

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