Host Your Own Adventure Uncovered Film Festival

If you care deeply about using the power of stories to inspire and motivate people to protect the environment or drive social change, then let’s talk.

We invite individuals, schools, clubs and purpose-driven businesses who want to spread powerful and inspiring messages on the big screen. Your job? Bring a group of adventure-loving people together, find a cool venue and, of course, provide tasty snacks.

Email for an info pack with all the details and everything you need to host a night of adventure.

Check out our current list of films here.

Film Festival 2020

Our programmes use the power of film, workshops, talks and photography to change the narrative around adventure and outdoor recreation. Join us and our award-winning filmmakers as we explore the grit, diversity, challenges and triumphs of adventure's lesser-known tales. Expect to be amazed, inspired and empowered.