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Florian Reber | Cycling Alps Cannes

Stories of a warming world

Adventure that Matters | Through his project Tales of Change, Florian Reber is on a mission to explore and document the effects of climate change on some of the world’s most iconic mountainous regions. He recounts the first leg of his adventure traversing the European Alps by bicycle and splitboard.

Sushil Reddy | Electric Bike Ride | Iceland

On the road to a cleaner future

Adventure that Matters | Since 2016 Sushil Reddy has covered thousands of kilometres around the world on a solar-powered electric bicycle. He tells us about his recent adventures and his mission to spread the message about the benefits of shifting to clean energy.

Seize your adventure

To mark International Epilepsy Day, Fran Turauskis discusses a new project that uses tales of adventure to shine a light on a condition that until now has had little representation in the outdoor community.

eXXpedition sailing adventure

Creating deeper change through adventure

It is virtually impossible to spend any time within the adventure community and not hear about a plastic pollution journey. As awareness of the issue has grown, the number of individuals passionate about making a difference has increased exponentially.