400+ attendees, 20 films, 6 workshops, 4 evenings of purposeful adventure stories.

A creative movement for change

Our first Adventure Uncovered Film Festival in 2018 used the power of film, talks, workshops and photography to communicate adventure and action sports in a new way.

We believe that film is a reflection on society and our programme helped to highlight important social and environmental messages from the margins to the mainstream.

The team were proud to host a series of inspiring films and extremely grateful for all filmmakers who talked about their films openly and allowed us to share their stories.

Roll on 2021 for more exciting films and a mini-tour across the UK!

'It was my first time attending one of your events and I thought it was brilliant. I work in sustainability, so the emphasis on adventure films with the social and environmental impact I felt was really powerful.'

Gemma Coate, Attendee

About the 2023 Film Festival

In 2023 we will tour the UK and screen official selections and winners primarily outdoors. Get ready for another year of inspiring adventure films that matter!

All films we'll screen are pushing boundaries, smashing stereotypes and creating new narratives. Guaranteed.

We are also working towards one of our previous New Year's Resolutions to 'Break the Mould' and ensure 20% of the films we show are from ethnic minority groups or female directors or producers, and 50% of films show ethnic minority groups or female adventurers. We will report on how we progress on this when the 2023 UK tour kicks off.