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We’ve updated our editorial strategy for 2022. We’ll now publish four Editions, instead of six. This will make each Edition more substantial and create room for other editorial projects. We’ll also be publishing more pieces exclusive to our Patreon supporters.

Editorial Opportunities

Want to drive real change in the adventure community, together? We're looking to collaborate with brands, businesses and organisations as passionate about using adventure as a force for good as we are. 

Take a look at the full range of our progressive, editorial opportunities here.

Ganges paddleboard expeditionImage from Edition 2, courtesy of Neil Irwin


Editions are thematic collections of adventure storytelling, published quarterly on each equinox and solstice. All Editions contributions except interviews are paid (part-funded by our Patreon supporters) and we welcome pitches of all kinds from all people. 

Previous Editions include Slowing Down, The Real Risk Takers, Backyard Celebration and a special Best of 2020 Edition.  

Our 2022 Edition themes will be...

Emergence (spring - 20th March)
To emerge is to become visible. Whether through awakening, growth or a decision to step into the light, to emerge is to be seen. Emergence can echo from the past, define the present or exist only as a possible future. Emergence is change, and it can bring hope or fear.

Our spring Edition will explore the process of becoming visible, in its many forms, where adventure and social change meet.

Abundance (summer - 21st June)
Driving change means seeing possibilities as well as problems. As well as critiquing outdoor culture, we must celebrate the good in it. Abundance can be fleeting, after all - especially if not nurtured. But abundance also creates its own problems, like the blind spots, complacency and denial that often fester in its wake.

Our summer Edition will consider the implications of having plenty.

Stewardship (autumn - 22nd September)
Autumn turns the natural world from abundance to darkness. For humans this traditionally means the time of harvest: of giving thanks, taking stock and ritualising our role as stewards of the land.

But what does our stewardship, both of the land and of the outdoor community, look like today? This is the question at the heart of our autumn Edition.

Darkness (winter - 21st December)
Dark places are places of fear and foreboding, so the story goes. But they are places of dreams as well as nightmares. They are also places less explored, which makes them revealing.

Our winter Edition will step into the darkness of the adventure world. Our only expectation is that we’ll be surprised.

Here is a short guide on how to pitch us. And here is a full explanation of our payment model.


Wild Swimming Brothers swimming in the LakesImage from Edition 1, courtesy of Calum Hudson


Stories are one-off pieces published outside of Editions, including long-form features, timely reports, interviews, art and more. 

The pitch process is the same as for Editions, so check out our pitch guide for the details.


Projects are bespoke projects in collaboration with like-minded organisations. From one-off features to longer series diving deeper into specific themes, we’re open to ideas. Projects represent a blank slate. If you’re an organisation interested in collaborating on any content idea, email James at to learn more and receive our media kit.

Patreon exclusives

We also produce a regular stream of pieces for our Patreon supporters, including longform features and, new for 2022, full audio interviews and a newsletter packed with thought-provoking adventure happenings from around the internet. 

Patreon exclusives are available, alongside a host of other awesome rewards like early ticket access and partner discounts, for as little as £2 per month. 100% of our Patreon revenue goes directly to commissioning important adventure journalism and stories.


Image from Edition 11, courtesy of Stephen Evans

GreenlandImage from Edition 4, courtesy of Em Hartova