Ben Willis


31st March 2019

Deep in the urban jungle

Guerrilla geographer and creative explorer Dan Raven-Ellison talks to Ben Willis about the importance of wild cities and his campaign to make London the world’s first national park city

8th March 2019

In the interest of balance

To mark International Women’s Day, four prominent female adventurers reflect on how the growing prominence of women in adventure and exploration is helping change society for the better

22nd February 2019

On the road to a cleaner future

Adventure that Matters | Since 2016 Sushil Reddy has covered thousands of kilometres around the world on a solar-powered electric bicycle. He tells us about his recent adventures and his mission to spread the message about the benefits of shifting to clean energy


Ben Willis

Ben Willis

An environmental journalist by trade and chief of editorial at Adventure Uncovered, plus woodworker, teacher and writer.