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Ben Willis


17th January 2020

Adventure's lesser-known tales inspiring a better world

Powerful, purpose-driven adventure films that matter return to the big screen next month in London for the second edition of Adventure Uncovered's Film Festival. Expect to see and hear new perspectives, changing narratives, untold stories and rules being broken.

11th December 2019

A guide to living more adventurously

“Is it possible to live adventurously in real life?” This question is the starting point for ‘The Doorstep Mile – Live More Adventurously Every Day’, the latest book from British adventurer and motivational speaker Alastair Humphreys

22nd November 2019

The Great Green Hope

Earlier this year, filmmaker Reza Pakravan completed an epic 5,000-mile traverse of Africa’s troubled Sahel region. He tells Ben Willis about how, despite war, terrorism and environmental breakdown he still found hope for the future and a rich cultural heritage surviving amidst the chaos

31st March 2019

Deep in the urban jungle

Guerrilla geographer and creative explorer Dan Raven-Ellison talks to Ben Willis about the importance of wild cities and his campaign to make London the world’s first national park city


Ben Willis

Ben Willis

An environmental journalist and woodworker by trade, also a writer and chief of editorial at Adventure Uncovered.