James Wight


9th May 2020

Cycling in the city - on the brink of dramatic change

In need of good news? One potential silver lining of the Covid-19 crisis is the anticipated acceleration of new green mobility initiatives. An urban environment teetering on the brink of positive change awaits, so there’s no better time to enjoy the feeling of human-powered, two-wheeled exhilaration than now.

5th July 2018

A local river swim safari with the wild swimming brothers

Last weekend we had the pleasure of teaming up with the Wild Swimming Brothers for the second time, along with a buzzing, enthusiastic group of intrepid swimmers, including none other than the world’s record-breaking bog snorkelling champion!


James Wight

James Wight

Founder of Adventure Uncovered, James is an ex-Marketing Director, part-time photographer, volunteer, and writer, spending as much time as possible in the ocean or on mountains. He's obsessed with cabins, sustainability, and enjoys the intersectionality between human and environmental stories and challenging the status quo.