Kate Lewis


3rd August 2020

UK Staycation: Twelve adventures close to London

As the UK continues to tentatively step out to a new normal, responsible adventure closer to home is a great option, so what better reason to explore (and be so grateful for) all the outdoor options close to, and in our capital city.

2nd December 2019

'Don’t listen to the naysayers’

Holly Budge’s passions for adventure and conservation have been the driving force behind her inspiring efforts to help combat elephant poaching in Africa. As she tells Kate Lewis, with a combination of self-belief, determination and a bit of daydreaming, anything is possible

2nd September 2019

10 of the best sustainable family adventures in the UK

Although circumstances certainly do change after kids come along, Kate Lewis highlights some glorious spots in the UK that are perfect for families to find their own adventures and reminds us that becoming a parent does not mean you have to hang up your adventure boots


Kate Lewis

Kate Lewis

Kate is a travel writer with a background in conservation and ecotourism. She has two young boys.