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Kristin Jacobson


12th August 2020

The American Adrenaline Narrative: the most powerful adventure narrative in the world?

There is no single understanding of adventure, and it is important to acknowledge that how we think about adventure is influenced by cultural and economic contexts. Academic Kristin Jacobson has just written a book about probably the most powerful cultural construction of adventure: what she calls The American Adrenaline Narrative. Our Editor Sam asked her about her book and the significance of this narrative over email.


Kristin Jacobson

Kristin Jacobson

Kristin J. Jacobson is a Professor of American Literature, American Studies and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Stockton University in New Jersey. Her latest book, The American Adrenaline Narrative (2020), identifies a new genre of travel and environmental literature and examines the genre’s significant tropes from an ecofeminist perspective.