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Selma Franssen


17th September 2020

An imaginary trip to the Orkneys

With her spring trip to Orkney foiled due to the pandemic, Dutch journalist Selma Franssen decided to go on an imaginary voyage instead. In this piece she interviews musician Erland Cooper and photographer Frances Scott, both Orcadian artists whose work explores the essence of the archipelago.


Selma Franssen

Selma Franssen

Selma Franssen is a Dutch journalist and presenter living in Brussels, Belgium. She is the author of Vriendschap in tijden van eenzaamheid ("Friendship in a time of loneliness"). She's fascinated by treeless islands and bird cliffs, and has traveled to many of them, using public transport only. When stuck at home, she turns to books and music, finding comfort in a quote by her favourite author, Ali Smith: "When you're a citizen of the imagination, you're a citizen of everywhere." You can learn more about Selma's work at and sign up to her newsletter at