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Cherelle Harding


11th March 2021

A Q&A with Cherelle Harding, Founder of Steppers UK

Cherelle Harding is a regional leader for Black Girls Hike UK, an experience that motivated her to start Steppers UK. We asked her about her work, and what advice she would offer others interested in similar groups. 


Cherelle Harding

Cherelle Harding

Cherelle is a Youth Worker from Coventry, and didn't know much about 'The Great Outdoors' when growing up, but has always been a person that loves adventuring and exploring new places. It wasn't until her early adulthood after a trip to Wales that her love for the great outdoors began. Cherelle remembers climbing her first mountain around aged 23 thinking 'Ah, this hiking stuff is alright'. She then found herself regularly on google maps looking for anywhere that looked green and would travel to different locations exploring on the weekends.