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Emily Hopcian


6th May 2021

Filmmaker Emily Hopcian on telling a story of home, and venturing beyond it

“I’m learning that life isn’t about the destinations we can boast about getting to; it’s about all the walking in between that feels pointless when you try to take a picture of it because no one will understand it like you do. It’s the in between stuff that fleshes out a story—gives it guts and transformation.” – Hannah Brencher.


Emily Hopcian

Emily Hopcian

Emily Hopcian is a writer, editor and content producer with a passion for truly local, character-driven stories of social and environmental impact. She is the director and producer of DURGA: Forging a New Trail, which premiered at No Man’s Land Film Festival in March 2021 and is made possible with support from Arc’teryx, Teva and Osprey as well as more than 100 individual contributors. She is from Michigan and based in Bariloche, Argentina.