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Daryl McDonald


8th July 2021

What makes a master treehouse builder?

Treehouses are the architectural embodiment of adventure. Daryl McDonald designs and build treehouses for Nelson Treehouse, arguably the world's leading treehouse architects. We asked him what being a treehouse master looks like. 


Daryl McDonald

Daryl McDonald

Daryl is a Project Manager at Nelson Treehouse. Daryl was born in New England, then moved west with his family when he was 10. Growing up with a father who was a contractor, Daryl has been around building all of his life. While attending the University of Washington, Daryl met Pete through a mutual friend. More than 200 builds around the world later, Daryl lives and breathes treehouses. He also enjoys outdoor activities like snowboarding, mountain biking, and hiking with his wife, Nicola (whom he met at treehouse workshop!), and their faithful dog, Rusty.