Amy Jones


9th September 2021

Meet the photojournalists infiltrating abusive animal industries

Amy Jones is a photojournalist documenting abusive animal industries around the world - work that involves infiltrating powerful organisations and witnessing gory acts. Here she writes powerfully about her work. 

Warning: this piece contains graphic descriptions and images of animal slaughter.


Amy Jones

Amy Jones

Amy Jones (she/her) is an animal photojournalist and co-founder of Moving Animals, a media project that works to connect the world to animals’ stories through powerful photography, footage, and journalism. Since 2018, she has worked on the ground across seven different countries to document the plight of animals. Her work has informed and strengthened the campaigns of multiple animal advocacy groups and featured in over 150 media outlets. She deeply believes in the power of photography to create change and start conversations around how we view and treat animals.