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Nicola Baird


25th November 2021

Ride the change: cycling from London to Glasgow for the climate

Instead of cycling the full Ride the Change route from London to Glasgow, Nicola Baird joined the first two days (135.4 miles). Here she relives the pedally sweat, while wondering how much of a metaphor this truncated journey could become – keen to meet targets, but just not managing because life gets in the way.


Nicola Baird

Nicola Baird

Nicola Baird has written 10 books on eco themes including Homemade Kids: thrifty, creative and eco-friendly ways to raise your child (Vermilion, 2010). She also edited Why Women will Save The Planet for Friends of the Earth and C40 (Zed, 2018). Click on the web link to see her low carbon travel suggestions.