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Annie Voigt


16th December 2021

The emerging world of swimpacking

Searching for a water-based journey to complete her long-distance triathlon, but unwilling to hoist a kayak past her neighbour's balcony every morning, Annie Voigt stumbled across the emerging world of swimpacking.


Annie Voigt

Annie Voigt

Annie’s adventure career began with climbing, when she ticked off nearly every single “Mistakes to Avoid While Trad Climbing” box on her first outdoor trad climb. She survived, and went on to see what other Great Bad Ideas would not kill her. Her solo expeditions began with a kayaking trip, followed by a 3000km bike ride to the Nordkapp (Norway). Her latest Great Bad Idea featured running a solo 1000km ultramarathon from the lowest to highest points in Germany. Why was this a Great Bad Idea? She had started running only four months prior. Speaking of experiments: Annie is a trained biochemist currently working on her PhD in neuroscience, and the comic artist behind BotsAndBrainz.