Clean Energy


21st December 2021

Off-grid living is about far more than simply escaping the rat race

Many of us likely think of off-grid living as a way to slow down - as cabins, vans and boats far from the rat race. But this is only part of the story, and far from the most important aspect of living off-grid. We spoke with author Nick Rosen to learn more.

22nd February 2019

On the road to a cleaner future

Adventure that Matters | Since 2016 Sushil Reddy has covered thousands of kilometres around the world on a solar-powered electric bicycle. He tells us about his recent adventures and his mission to spread the message about the benefits of shifting to clean energy


Ben Willis

Ben Willis

An environmental journalist and woodworker by trade, also a writer and chief of editorial at Adventure Uncovered.

Nick Rosen

Nick Rosen

Nick Rosen is an author, campaigner and documentary film-maker. He has written two books about off-grid living: Off the Grid, documenting off-grid culture in the US, and How to Live Off-Grid, documenting off-grid life in the UK and offering practice advice for living off-grid.