2020 Winners

The 6 winning films from our 6 categories...

Directed by Tahria Sheather

Nature has a rhythm – it just takes one to tune into it. Jess Kilroy – musician, climber and conservationist – travels to wilderness areas around the West creating music from the natural sounds she finds there, with the goal of sparking people's love for these wild lands. The Creek Sessions foll...

2020 Official selections

To be screened in at least one location during Adventure Uncovered Film Festival 2020 events...


Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, Will Robinson enlisted in the US Army at age 22. At the time, serving was his lifeline, a way out of trouble. After 5 years of service in Iraq Will was discharged with injuries sustained to both knees a fused wrist and severe PTSD, deeming him unsuited for ser...

Directed by Jason Hearn

We all stare at the same ocean, however some of us choose to read between the lines. This is a uniquely told story following the vision of Sacha Specker. It's an intricate and rewarding relationship between man and the sea.

Directed by A Common Future

A professional snowboarder turns 30. How can he reconcile the growing doubts with his love for the sport? An audiovisual meditation on the beauty of doing what we love most and a series of conversations about growing awareness and maturity.


3 brothers, who have come to be known as The Wild Swimming Brothers, have felt the pressures that many people experience while living and working in a city. Feeling the toll that urban living was taking on them, they decided to begin an aquatic journey that has propelled them extremely far from c...

Directed by Tim Kemple

A story about Sverri Steinholm, a Faroese trail running pastor that explores the relationship of his spirituality both through his experiences in the outdoors and in a traditional “church” / community. Sverri is an avid runner — both on the roads and ‘in the fields’ as he says — who uses his time...

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