2020 Winners

The 6 winning films from our 6 categories...


Amy Walker talks honestly about how swimming helps her deal with depression and accept her body shape. In the film, shot at Janet’s Foss waterfall in North Yorkshire, she refers to the great joy she finds in cold-water swimming.

2020 Official selections

To be screened in at least one location during Adventure Uncovered Film Festival 2020 events...

Directed by Sim Warren

Here can be anywhere on your journey. Here doesn't define the end, but of possibilities for a new beginning. Outdoor therapist Ruth Allen (whitepeakwellbeing.com), invites us to travel beyond 4 walls and step into nature, where we can heal, experience and take the next steps on our path. "A jour...

Directed by Caleb Yule

An ode to patience and peaceful shores, this portrait of fisherman between the lines documents the all but fruitless attempts of anglers in their search of a catch.

Directed by Daniel Satchell

Brighton local longboarder, Daniel Satchell has been surfing the beaches of Brighton all year round for nearly 20 years. Summers can be particularly painful as a south coast surfer, with an average of a dozen or so surfable days within a 3-4 month period. Daniel has decided to capture and share...

Directed by Daniel Raven-Ellison

What does the United Kingdom really look like? To get a better sense of proportion, let's go on a 100-second walk across our nation. Each second of the walk reveals one percent of our lands and how they look from above. Are you ready for the UK in 100 seconds? Do we need to re-think this mix of...

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