Year: 2019
Type: Trailer
Through the eyes of two female surfers, Undercurrents explores the beautiful dance between connection and compassion. Bringing in ideas from the Blue Mind movement and the science of mindfulness and flow, we explore our relationship to the sea and find out what happens when we pursue what we love. Arlene Maltman is one of the first British & European female surfing champions. Natalie Fox is a Yogi, surf instructor and marine activist. Throughout the film, they share their unique experiences and relationships with the sea. Neuroscientist & Mindfulness innovator Dr Tamara Russell, as well as Blue Health Coach / Blue Mind Advocate, Lizzi Larbalestier provide expertise on how our minds and bodies are connected to the ocean and how this can have a benefit on our health and well being. Insights from the four characters are woven together to create an oceanic journey that aims to discover what happens when you follow your passions. "The Sea's got so many different faces and so many rhythms and I think a person’s life does, so that's going to mirror that. See how your life fits into the sea or how the sea fits into your life," says Arlene Maltman, Former European & British Champion.

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