2021 Official selections

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Directed by Sean Slobodan

Zion National Park is the poster child for public lands on the brink of being loved to death. The last decade brought unprecedented numbers of tourists year after year—and now, the 100-year old park is at an inflection point. As Zion looks to its next hundred years, it needs a new generation of a...

Directed by Nico Hambleton

Jerome Mowat takes us through the challenges he faced as a front-line paramedic during the global pandemic and how he used climbing as an escape.

Directed by Emma Crome

This films underpinning themes are around female participation in traditional climbing and the potential sanitisation of ‘adventurous’ climbing, and the culture of breeding ‘fear’ through inauthentic media outputs. The film explores the way the four women came together to create a festival that a...

Directed by Adam Rubin, Dan Lior

Pathfinder is a tale about the human spirit. The film follows six world-class slackliners (Highliners) on a mission deep into the Norwegian mountains to attempt something that's never been seen before: Walking a thin line, elevated in the vastness between two colossal cliffs, illuminated only by...

Directed by Robin Munshaw

In the mountains behind the sleepy coastal town of Powell River, BC, a small group of rock climbers has spent decades quietly pioneering routes on some of the largest granite walls in Canada. As the last stands of old-growth trees harboured in these valleys come under threat of logging, the climb...

Directed by Nathan McNeil

On January 5 1956, a man named John Stuart died in remote Southwest Tasmania on a climbing & exploration expedition into the region. Although it was summer, John died of exposure to freezing conditions 9 days into his journey, shortly after summiting Federation Peak & spending the proceeding 3 da...

Directed by Jan Zurek

A highline project organized by passionate woman all around the globe.

Directed by Isabela Zawistowska

Approach to Caliche is a short film about Nicole Vidal, Puerto Rico's only female climbing guide, who shares her story about embracing failure through climbing. In the film, she redpoints a route called “My Right Foot,” which is a classic overhanging route in Caliche. Caliche is located in the...

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