Freedom Seat

Directed by Linus Herbig-Matten
Year: 2020
Type: Trailer

Today over 40 million people live in modern day slavery. We don´t see them with chains around their necks like in the old slavery days but it is the same system. People getting exploited by the rich and powerful in sexual or bonded labour work. Especially women and children, who are the most vulnerable are concerned. In 2019 Naresh Kumar went on his biggest adventure to date. He wants to cycle from Chennai India to Hamburg Germany on a tandem bike. Along the way he invites strangers and friends to take up the rear seat and help him paddle for a cause. While riding together he informs his passengers about modern day slavery and the desperate need to take action. On his journey Naresh will cross 12 countries, cycling over 8000 kilometres. On his path he has fought through severe weather conditions, illness and pain. But while the stories of slavery victims continue to give him strength the one thing that connects all people is KINDNESS. Naresh's 74-day journey brings him to the edge of his physical limits. Weather, language and his own physical state of being are his daily companions. But with the bigger goal in mind he keeps going and going.

More Winners

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