12th July 2020

A new story for conservation?

Storytelling and adventure are both involved in conservation efforts, and both have changed as conservation has been hit hard by COVID-19. Documentary filmmaker and environmental researcher Laura Mahler writes about this shifting landscape, and what it could mean for conservation in the future.

1st July 2020

A conversation with travel writer Nick Hunt

Nick Hunt is a writer, storyteller and editor whose work explores the relationship between society and landscape. He is best known for two travel books. In Walking the Woods and the Water, Nick retraces Patrick Leigh Fermor’s seminal walk from Holland to Istanbul. In Where the Wild Winds Are, he walks the invisible pathways of four European winds - the Helm Bora, Foehn and Mistral - observing their impact on landscapes, people and culture. His third travel book, Outlandish: Walking Europe’s Unlikely Landscapes, will be published in May 2021. Nick also helps edit the journal of The Dark Mountain Project, a cultural movement in search of stories that can help us respond to the climate emergency with a 'hope beyond hope'.

10th June 2020

Go Home Polish: Walking 1,900 km in search of home

Michal Iwanowski is a documentary photographer. He grew up in Poland but has been working and living in Wales since 2001. In 2018, for Go Home Polish, he walked 1900km from Wales to Poland, exploring the idea of 'home' in response to the Brexit debate and xenophobic graffiti he had seen in Wales. Sam chatted with Michal about the trip, his images, long-distance walking and home.


Neil Irwin

Neil Irwin

Neil Irwin is an outdoor and adventure photographer and filmmaker based in the UK, specialising in capturing interesting and adventurous stories and people. You can find his work at

Sam Firman

Sam Firman

A freelance writer exploring the links between adventure, travel and social progress with a background in social innovation. Recently moved from London to Vancouver for access to the mountains.

Rosie Riley

Rosie Riley

Co-Founder/Director of Adventure Uncovered, writer and dedicated North Sea surfer who settles for cycling, running and outdoor swimming when in London. Advocate and promoter of sustainability and clean technology in the UK corporate sector and developing countries.