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Tristan Rodgers


16th September 2021

The team pushing the boundaries of visually impaired freeskiing

Visually impaired skier Mac Marcoux is a multi Winter Paralympics and World Championships gold medalist. Along with his guide Tristan Rodgers, he is now starting to redefine what is possible in visually impaired freeskiing. Our Editor Sam chatted with them on the cusp of a huge season. 


Tristan Rodgers

Tristan Rodgers

Tristan Rodgers’ ski career runs parallel to eight-time Paralympic medalist Mac Marcoux, who he has been guiding since 2018. From Ottawa, Canada, Tristan raced with the Mont Tremblant Ski Club before pursuing an engineering degree at the University of Ottawa. Following his second year of studies, he put his schooling on hold to guide Marcoux. Combining the teamwork he learned through engineering school and his past skiing racing experience, he is a perfect partner for Marcoux while the two travel at speeds upwards of 100KPH. Like Marcoux, Rodgers has a passion for mountain biking, something the two can be found doing through the offseason.