This article is from Edition 11: The Real Risk Takers
Mac Marcoux
Written by Mac Marcoux
Tristan Rodgers
Written by Tristan Rodgers
Published on 16th September 2021
11 min read

Visually impaired skier Mac Marcoux is a multi Winter Paralympics and World Championships gold medalist. Along with his guide Tristan Rodgers, he is now starting to redefine what is possible in visually impaired freeskiing. Our Editor Sam chatted with them on the cusp of a huge season. 

Adventure Uncovered: The climactic scene of Blind Faith is you guys skiing The Coffin: one of Whistler’s most notorious lines. The first take didn’t exactly go to plan ...

Tristan (laughing): Well, I don’t wanna blame the Groms, but they have really short skis! So when they sidestep into The Coffin it makes this huge banana. When I pivoted to go fall line and ski down, my ski tip got caught. Then one ski went and this one fell off …  I actually skied out on one ski fine. It was when I tried to stop that I really started tumbling. 

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