11th November 2019

What makes powerful adventure writing? A conversation with Amanda Lewis

“I’m trying to connect readers and writers — that’s really all I do,” says Amanda Lewis of her editorial work, quickly dispelling any idea she simply corrects grammar. “I’m advocating on behalf of that invisible reader. What is bothering them? What keeps them up at night?”

10th October 2019

Being seen in the outdoors

The adventure and outdoors community must create a better picture of inclusion so that people of all abilities feel they can participate, argues James Dyer.

8th June 2019

Into the blue

Marking 2019 World Oceans Day, we ask what the oceans represent to humankind and how we reconnect with them, for their sake and ours

20th May 2019

Rivers less rafted

During an epic raft trip down Pakistan’s Hunza River, Jonathan Rider and Edmund Le Brun witnessed how investment from China is bringing many economic opportunities to local communities, but also new cultural and environmental pressures


Tessa Parry-Wingfield

Tessa Parry-Wingfield

Professional content writer and former TV journalist for news stations such as Reuters, ITV, GMTV and Al Jazeera English, and news agency Press Association (PA). Now a stationary storyteller with a passion for writing about adventure. Running lover. Not good on two wheels.

Jo Moseley

Jo Moseley

Writer and filmmaker Jo Moseley is known as HappyHealthy50 on Instagram. She is 53 and lives on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. She has two sons aged 21 and 17 and is a practice manager for an engineering company, recently starting teaching deep water running, hydro jog and aqua fit.

Helen Taylor

Helen Taylor

Helen is a multimedia, NCTJ qualified journalist, as well as a writer covering conservation, travel, the environment and culture. Her articles have been published in Oceanographic Magazine, Geographical Magazine, Sidetracked, Adventure Travel magazine and Adventure Uncovered.