26th June 2020

Building a sustainable outdoor community after COVID-19

Rosie Watson is currently running from the UK to Asia for The New Story Run, searching for stories of new ways of living, working and meeting our needs in a time of climate crisis. In this unflinching long read, she reflects on how we can use COVID-19 positively, to build a sustainable outdoor community.

10th June 2020

Go Home Polish: Walking 1,900 km in search of home

Michal Iwanowski is a documentary photographer. He grew up in Poland but has been working and living in Wales since 2001. In 2018, for Go Home Polish, he walked 1900km from Wales to Poland, exploring the idea of 'home' in response to the Brexit debate and xenophobic graffiti he had seen in Wales. Sam chatted with Michal about the trip, his images, long-distance walking and home.

8th June 2020

Maps, getting lost and exploring familiar UK places in new ways

Jennie Savage is a public artist and curator who seeks to transform people’s perception of place. Her work takes many forms, from the personal to the political. Her projects include maps, audio walks, a bus tour, public interventions, a radio station, a cinema for the sea, publications, films and other online works. Sam spoke with her about her work, maps, the value of getting lost and exploring familiar UK places in new ways.


Sam Firman

Sam Firman

A freelance writer exploring the links between adventure, travel and social progress with a background in social innovation. Recently moved from London to Vancouver for access to the mountains.

Rosie Riley

Rosie Riley

Director of Adventure Uncovered, writer and dedicated North Sea surfer who settles for cycling, running and outdoor swimming when in London. Advocate and promoter of sustainability and clean technology in the UK corporate sector and developing countries.

Tessa Parry-Wingfield

Tessa Parry-Wingfield

Professional content writer and former TV journalist for news stations such as Reuters, ITV, GMTV and Al Jazeera English, and news agency Press Association (PA). Now a stationary storyteller with a passion for writing about adventure. Running lover. Not good on two wheels.