17th September 2020

An imaginary trip to the Orkneys

With her spring trip to Orkney foiled due to the pandemic, Dutch journalist Selma Franssen decided to go on an imaginary voyage instead. In this piece she interviews musician Erland Cooper and photographer Frances Scott, both Orcadian artists whose work explores the essence of the archipelago.

12th August 2020

Crawling the countryside dressed as a sheep, and other adventures

Artist Miranda Whall has recently been crawling through the countryside dressed as a sheep and a badger, covered in GoPros. Intrigued, our Editor Sam reached out to her for a conversation about her art, which in its uniquely adventurous way revolves around an attempt to reframe the relationship between humans and the natural world.

12th August 2020

The American Adrenaline Narrative: the most powerful adventure narrative in the world?

There is no single understanding of adventure, and it is important to acknowledge that how we think about adventure is influenced by cultural and economic contexts. Academic Kristin Jacobson has just written a book about probably the most powerful cultural construction of adventure: what she calls The American Adrenaline Narrative. Our Editor Sam asked her about her book and the significance of this narrative over email.

12th July 2020

Storyteller Q&A: Jess Kilroy

Jess Kilroy is a musician, conservationist and long-time rock climber. She's a storyteller with a twist.


Sam Firman

Sam Firman

A freelance writer exploring the links between adventure, travel and social progress with a background in social innovation. Recently moved from London to Vancouver for access to the mountains.

Rosie Riley

Rosie Riley

Co-Founder/Director of Adventure Uncovered, writer and dedicated North Sea surfer who settles for cycling, running and outdoor swimming when in London. Advocate and promoter of sustainability and clean technology in the UK corporate sector and developing countries.


Woodland Woodcarving Workshop

4th April 2020
Near Horsham