17th October 2022

The ticking clock of climate change

In 2019 the climate movement experienced a wave of energy and success, centred around school strikes and Extinction Rebellion. But three years later, as crises loom larger still, that impetus has waned. Sam Knights reflects on the journey and state of the movement.

7th October 2022

The Bahnar Jo Long: animism in the mountains of Vietnam

The Bahnar Jo Long are one of 40 hill-tribe groups indigenous to Vietnam’s Central Highlands. As animists they live in intimate harmony with the forest, but illegal logging and infrastructure development threaten their way of life. Photographer Jim Johnston was honoured to be their guest for a while.

6th October 2022

Searching for dolphins

Emily Alice Spivey returns to Sarn Bach, to her late grandma’s house, and walks the land with grief and future stewardship in mind.


Amanda Thibaut

Amanda Thibaut

Amanda Thibaut is the Marketing and Communications Execusitve at Ocean Independence: a full-service superyacht brokerage company.

Sam Firman

Sam Firman

Sam is the Adventure Uncovered Editor. He's a freelance writer interested in outdoor culture, geography and social issues. He recently moved from the UK to Vancouver, for more mountain time, and spends much of his spare time sliding on snow and climbing on rocks.

Adventure Uncovered

Adventure Uncovered

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