16th September 2021

The team pushing the boundaries of visually impaired freeskiing

Visually impaired skier Mac Marcoux is a multi Winter Paralympics and World Championships gold medalist. Along with his guide Tristan Rodgers, he is now starting to redefine what is possible in visually impaired freeskiing. Our Editor Sam chatted with them on the cusp of a huge season. 

8th July 2021

Carers adventure too

Jane Adams is a carer to her husband, but this doesn't mean that she isn't also an adventurer. Here she argues that our assumptions about who goes on adventures must change.

2nd May 2021

Hiking the uncanny valleys of Red Dead Redemption 2

A spinal injury has deprived Natalie Dunning of her beloved ability to freely explore outdoors. Finding some solace in the virtual landscapes of Red Dead Redemption 2 has surprised her, and suggests a stronger relationship between gaming and adventure than we might suppose.


Rosie Riley

Rosie Riley

Co-Founder/Director of Adventure Uncovered, writer and dedicated North Sea surfer who settles for cycling, running and outdoor swimming when in London. Advocate and promoter of sustainability and clean technology in the UK corporate sector and developing countries.

James Wight

James Wight

Co-Founder of Adventure Uncovered, James is an ex-Marketing Director, part-time photographer, volunteer, and writer, spending as much time as possible in the ocean or on mountains. He's obsessed with cabins, sustainability, and enjoys the intersectionality between human and environmental stories and challenging the status quo.

Adventure Uncovered

Adventure Uncovered

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