We're on a mission to live adventurously and build a better society by giving a platform to the people, organisations, and ideas breaking new ground.

Published from 2020 to 2023, Editions were thematic collections of adventure storytelling - interviews, articles, long form features, films, photography, curated lists and more - exploring the intersection of adventure and social and environmental change.

Edition 06 — December 2020
Best of 2020

Our final 2020 Edition recaps our favourite Adventure Uncovered pieces of the year, covering BAME representation in the outdoors, the first all-women climbing feature film, a rallying cry for the post-Covid outdoor industry and more.

Edition 05 — November 2020
Adventure Activism

We think the adventure community can support positive change. But how? This month we start mapping the mechanisms through which adventurous folk can help build a better world.

Edition 04 — September 2020
Climate Crisis

As people who love adventure and, presumably, the outdoors, this month we explore how we can and should respond to the climate crisis.

Edition 03 — August 2020
What is Adventure?

This month we dive into and explore the challenge of defining 'adventure'. Creating a more diverse, inclusive adventure culture means expanding our understanding of what adventure is.

Edition 02 — July 2020

This month we go behind the scenes and speak to storytellers breaking new ground and forging new narratives, the Edition is jam-packed with contributions from artists, photographers, musicians, filmmakers, podcasters, writers and more.

Edition 01 — June 2020
UK, Uncovered

This month we start from home, in Adventure Uncovered's birthplace: the UK. It all started with a map: an evolving, crowdsourced patchwork of UK adventure hot spots.