We're on a mission to live adventurously and build a better society by giving a platform to the people, organisations, and ideas breaking new ground.

Published from 2020 to 2023, Editions were thematic collections of adventure storytelling - interviews, articles, long form features, films, photography, curated lists and more - exploring the intersection of adventure and social and environmental change.

Edition 13 — December 2021
Slowing Down

Slowing Down celebrates adventure stories swimming against the current of being fastest, best and first. It’s a fitting theme, after a year of confinement and reflection, and is about so much more than moving slowly.

Edition 12 — November 2021
Ride the Change - Cycle to COP26

As the dust settles, and the dried grit hardens on our Ride the Change caps, we asked riders to reflect on, look back and digest what happened in that week at the end of October, when a load of us took to our bikes, loaded vans with snacks and packs and cycled to Glasgow to mark the significance of the international 26th Conference of Parties. Here's what they all had to say...

Edition 11 — September 2021
The Real Risk Takers

Most depictions of adventure involve risk, but typically a form of leisurely risk assumed freely out of fun or curiosity. The Real Risk Takers explores the question of where else risk plays out in adventure, as ever searching for answers with social or environmental consequences.

Edition 10 — July 2021
The Non Adventurers

Adventure goes far beyond self-styled adventurers - the most visible tip of the iceberg. Many adventurers, and many people who can help us understand adventure, are neither thought of nor think of themselves in such terms. This Edition celebrates the adventures of these apparent Non Adventurers.

Edition 09 — May 2021
Backyard Celebration

Our confinement over the past year seems directly opposed to the idea of adventure. But has our capacity for travel and discovery simply changed, rather than vanished? Our ninth Edition, published with summer and a post-Covid world on the horizon, follows this thought.

Edition 08 — March 2021
Adventure Organising

Our spring edition is curated with an organisational lens. Despite individualism, supreme athleticism and daring feats often hitting the headlines, real change, in adventure and life, comes through collective power. Read more below to see how people are coming together through adventure to help build a better world.