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Sam Firman


23rd December 2021

Nine important things to read, listen to and watch on slow adventure

Slowness is a swelling cultural undercurrent. The complexities and crises of our globalised world demand it, even if we are not very good at giving it. But in the adventure world, broadly and loosely defined, slowness is taking root in challenging and thought-provoking ways. The list below gathers nine excellent, diverse things to read, watch or listen. In different ways they all ask us what the lens of slowness might offer.

16th December 2021

Could vision quests revolutionise our relationship with nature?

Vision quests are ceremonial periods of deep, solitary communion with nature common to various Indigenous cultures. John P. Milton, a revered elder of the environmental movement, thinks they could anchor a new relationship with nature in societies more broadly - especially those disconnected from nature.


Sam Firman

Sam Firman

A freelance writer exploring the links between adventure, travel and social progress with a background in social innovation. Recently moved from London to Vancouver for access to the mountains.