Sam Firman


11th November 2019

What makes powerful adventure writing? A conversation with Amanda Lewis

“I’m trying to connect readers and writers — that’s really all I do,” says Amanda Lewis of her editorial work, quickly dispelling any idea she simply corrects grammar. “I’m advocating on behalf of that invisible reader. What is bothering them? What keeps them up at night?”

15th April 2019

Hike the line

With tensions running high over the US-Mexico border, Sam Firman hears from Claire Wernstedt-Lynch and Tenny Ostrem about their experiences hiking 2,000 miles through a geopolitical hotspot

13th March 2019

Going with the floe

Ice diver and polar explorer Alban Michon tells Samuel Firman of his belief in the power of exploration to serve the planet and its people by advancing knowledge

3rd March 2019

Stories of a warming world

Adventure that Matters | Through his project Tales of Change, Florian Reber is on a mission to explore and document the effects of climate change on some of the world’s most iconic mountainous regions. He recounts the first leg of his adventure traversing the European Alps by bicycle and splitboard


Sam Firman

Sam Firman

A freelance writer exploring the links between adventure, travel and social progress with a background in social innovation. Recently moved from London to Vancouver for access to the mountains.