Date details
2nd Sep 2017 – 3rd Sep 2017
2 days
Group size
Up to 25
Durdle Door, England
Outdoor Swimming

Event summary

Adventure Uncovered’s inaugural event took participants to the dramatic World Heritage Jurassic Coast, one of the country's most beautiful, unspoilt areas - Durdle Door - for invigorating, guided ocean swims by the Wild Swimming Brothers, promoters of wild swimming, conservation and reconnecting to the natural world. 

The unforgettable weekend took place at one of the most iconic coastal landmarks in the UK, Durdle Door, a colossal natural limestone arch on England's majestic Jurassic Coast, formed by the crashing of waves and the relentless march of the ocean. The first swim went from the beach out through and beyond the arch and looped back around, swimming directly through Durdle Door and back onto the beach, and out again around to Man of War Cove, a more exposed ocean swim.


  • Experienced 3-4 wild swims through and around the crystal clear, tropical-esq waters of iconic arch Durdle Door (formed 140m years ago) and the remote, rugged Man of War Cove, exclusively guided by the Wild Swimming Brothers
  • Got motivated by the Wild Swimming Brothers and inspired by their stories of wild swimming, adventure, conservation and reconnecting with nature, as they recount their journeys swimming across maelstroms in the Arctic Circle
  • Discovered Britain’s Jurassic Coast and learn about its heritage from those leading its conservation efforts via a guided clifftop walk 
  • Reconnected with nature; camping, swimming and enjoying the unique experience with like minded people 
  • Swam in the beautiful clear waters of Britain, when they were at their warmest (18°C)
  • Woke up to big blue skies and clear sea air!


Day 1 – Saturday, 2nd September

10.30     Meet, Greet & Brief (Intro + coffee/tea, light refreshments)

11.00     Head to Swim #1 on beach via guided cliff walk and heritage/conservation talk with local park ranger 

11.45     Arrive Beach location / AU Intro WSB

11.50     WSB TALK #1 - Wild Swimming & Reconnecting with Nature 

In this talk, the brothers will introduce wild swimming and explore why it is becoming the next big escape for people looking to break free from urban confinement. Through the story of their great matriarch Grandma Wild, they will share the inspiration behind their swims and their crossing of the Corryvreckan maelstrom in Scotland, famous for shipwrecking George Orwell whilst writing 1984. From there they'll meander down their 9-day source to sea swim of their childhood river and share tips and advice on how a wild swimming adventure can bring you closer to the natural world and serve as a way to reconnect with nature and offer you unforgettable memories and journeys.

12.15     SWIM #1 - First ‘standard’ group leave for destination swim through and around Durdle Door

12:30     SWIM #1 - Second ‘standard’ group leave

12.45     SWIM #1 - Third ‘advanced’ group leave through Durdle Door and around rock island

13.15     Lunch (Produced locally)

14.15     WSB TALK #2 - Into the Maelstrom - Adventures in the Arctic

In this talk, the brothers will explore how they went from a 9-day jolly down the River Eden in England to swimming across the biggest maelstroms in the world and the longest distance ever swum in the Arctic Circle. In partnership with WWF, these swims aimed to raise awareness of oil drilling in the protected marine haven of the Lofoten Islands, home to over 600 Killer Whales, the largest cold water reef in the world and 75% of the world's Atlantic Cod stock. They'll share their reasons why these areas deserve our protection and why wild swimming offers the perfect method for preserving the wild left in the world. They'll discuss practical tips and advice on how you can take the first steps to creating your own personal adventure, giving you the tools to plan your very own conversation journey into the wild.

15.15     Return to campsite

15.30     Set up tents, hot showers, downtime and relax

18.00     SWIM #2 - ‘Dusk Dip’

19.00     Drinks & Dinner in West Lulworth via night walk with torches or Blue Crab, Durdle Door Holiday Park

21.30     End of Day 1

Day 2 – Sunday, 3rd September

8.00       Breakfast

9.30       SWIM #3 - Man of War Swim - 2nd location

10.30     Introduction to Freediving (NoTanx)

11.30     Take down tents

12.30     Lunch

14.00     Meet and depart for Beach Cleanup

14.30     SWIM #4 - Final Fun Swim

15.30     End of Day 2 / Depart Durdle Door

More about the Wild Swimming Brothers

Jack, Calum and Robbie Hudson grew up in the Lake District, where they loved nothing more than exploring the surrounding waters and rivers. Wild swimming was a great way of staying healthy as well as being a fathomless source of fun.

As they grew older and left school, wound-up at different universities and settled into life in their respective cities, it soon became apparent that they were growing increasingly more and more detached from the natural world, and each other too. Inspired by the death of their beloved Grandma Wild and a deep desire to reconnect with the natural world they decided to join together to create the Wild Swimming Brothers.

In 2015, the Wild Swimming Brothers swam together across the Corryvreckan maelstrom (the third most dangerous in the world), between the rugged Scottish islands of Jura and Scarba. Then they spent 9 days swimming the full 90-miles of the River Eden, which once flowed past the foot of their childhood home. Finally, just over a year later in 2016, they swam across the most powerful maelstrom in the world, the Saltstraumen, and the largest maelstrom in the world, the Moskstraumen, in Norway's Arctic Circle. Except for the Corryvreckan, no one had ever attempted any of these swims before and whilst crossing the Moskstraumen the brothers also set the record for the longest swim within the Arctic Circle.

Join them on their wild swimming journey to reconnect with the natural world.

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