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10th April 2020

Adventure Stories Weekly Round-Up 10.04

Landscapes in your living room, yoga for the NHS, Ordnance Survey’s Step Up Challenge, art, music and a conversation about conservation. Plenty of ways to get ‘outdoors’ whilst #StayingHome this Easter.

13th January 2020

Why we like to be beside the seaside

For many of us fortunate enough to visit the coast, playing on the beach is a fond childhood memory. Dr Bethany Roberts remembers eating sand-filled sandwiches and poking about in rock pools with her brother. But, as adults, the sea still fills us with wonder, its vastness helping us put life into perspective. In this article, Beth explores if it's more than just nostalgia that draws us towards the seaside?

15th May 2019


To mark the UK’s 2019 Mental Health Awareness Week, three leading adventure and outdoor advocates give their verdicts on why getting outside and getting active is good for the mind


Dr Bethany Roberts

Dr Bethany Roberts is a researcher on the BlueHealth project looking into how we can assess the potential benefits of visiting blue spaces across spatial scales. She is passionate about understanding people’s connections to nature, and how this can positively impact mental health and wellbeing.

Jack Hudson

Jack Hudson

Author 'Swim Wild', Writer, Adventure Uncovered and Youngest of the Wild Swimming Brothers. During his teens, Jack worked as a Lifeguard and earned his scuba chops diving in The Philippines and Indonesia. He still feels very at home in the water and can often be found floating along on the surface, when he really should be swimming.


Mind over Mountains, Lake District

1st May 2020
The Lake District

Mind over Mountains

5th May 2018
Lake District, England

Evenings to Explore I

10th July 2019