Mental health


22nd October 2023

The empowering adventure of social nudity

The best adventures bring us beyond our comfort zones, ask us to be vulnerable, and allow us to grow into a new, more expansive normality by rising to the challenge. Which, as Meleasha Carbado explores, makes social nudity one hell of an adventure.

22nd October 2023

Living for a year in fancy dress

In October 2022, Bear Intentions finished a year of total silence. He then jumped straight into a year of only wearing fancy dress in public. This is his story.

2nd March 2023

A weekend spent paying to unplug

When John Downes heard about the chance to pay for a weekend away with the option of having his phone taken from him, he was taken aback by how much excitement it brought. So he decided to try it.

20th March 2022

Breaking the silence around eating disorders in climbing

A conversation with Caroline Treadway, director of LIGHT: a climbing documentary which breaks the silence around eating disorders in the climbing community.

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Dr Bethany Roberts

Dr Bethany Roberts is a researcher on the BlueHealth project looking into how we can assess the potential benefits of visiting blue spaces across spatial scales. She is passionate about understanding people’s connections to nature, and how this can positively impact mental health and wellbeing.

Belinda Kirk

Belinda Kirk

Belinda Kirk is an explorer and the leading campaigner promoting the benefits of adventure on wellbeing. For the past twenty-five years, she has led dozens of international expeditions and remote filming trips. Belinda has walked through Nicaragua, sailed across the Atlantic, searched for camels in China’s Desert of Death, discovered ancient rock paintings in Lesotho and gained a Guinness World Record for rowing unsupported around Britain. She has led numerous youth development challenges, pioneered inclusive expeditions for people with disabilities and managed scientific research missions in the Amazon, Sinai and Alaska. In 2009, Belinda established Explorers Connect, a non-profit organisation connecting people to adventure and has encouraged 30,000 ordinary people to engage in outdoor challenges. In 2020 she launched the first conference to explore the positive impact that adventurous activity has on wellbeing. She has written Adventure Revolution: The life-changing power of choosing challenge. It’s the first book to explain why adventure is essential to wellbeing. Drawing on lessons learnt from leading groups into the wilderness and the latest findings in neuroscience and psychology, Belinda shows how adventure has the power to transform the timid into the confident, the addicted into the recovering, and the lost into the intentionally wandering.

John Downes

John Downes

John Downes is a London-based journalist, with nearly 10 years in the news industry. He has travelled all over the world, from Guatemala, to Vietnam, Madagascar and beyond. John has a particular love for Latin America and his love for the culture began with a three-month post-university stay in Bolivia.


Mind over Mountains

5th May 2018
Lake District, England