Step into the Black

Directed by Daniel Satchell
Year: 2021
Type: Trailer

In colour psychology, Black's colour meaning is symbolic of mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication.
In contrast, the colour meaning can also evoke emotions such as sadness and anger.

Walking over the freezing pebbles at first light, amongst the darkness, you can just about make out the whites of breaking waves.

The pier, so colourful and loud in the day, has now fallen silent and taken on a dark, sinister side.

Only the ocean knows I am here, and even she makes me feel uninvited.
Never the less, I put one foot forward and Step Into The Black.

Brighton’s Palace Pier might be an obvious tourist attraction but it is most certainly not an obvious surf break.

It provides no shelter from the prevailing South Westerly wind and the constant movement of the Westerly swell is a relentless battle you will never end up winning.

If you fail to keep a safe distance from the pier, you will inevitably end up pinned to one of its rusty, sharp, barnacle-ridden struts, or if you’re lucky, time it right and pass through, only to be washed half a mile down the beach.

Despite all of these challenges, if you make it out back, the reward is sweet.

This film is dedicated to the few who know.

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For Noelle, surfing is not just a passion, it's a way of clearing her mind and reconnecting with her creative process. With a passion for the environment, art, and collaboration Noelle sets out to create a functional art piece with surfboard shaper Alex Rosin. In the process, she realizes a lon...

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Stories are what underpin our societies and our relationship to our environments. Frustrated with their impact from behind a desk, Rosie Watson and Mike Elm are running and cycling from the U.K. to Mongolia to tell the stories of people living the changes we need to make in a time of climate cris...

In spring 2019 gigantic walls of snow piled up along the pass road to the Timmelsjoch, Austria. Johanna Bolanos Cabrera and Jasmijn Hanegraef grap their longboards and took the chance to downhill through this stunning scenery. Speed is what the girls are living for!


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Sometimes, an hour is all you get. Often, an hour is all you need. In those 60 minutes, for every question that gets answered, a new one gets asked. Tension releases into the passing wind. Goals are reaffirmed. Internal yarns are spun. Knots get untangled, and everything makes sense — even if you...

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Kieren D’Souza ran up and down Mt. Friendship - a 5289m high Himalayan peak, in a record 11 hours and 45 minutes. Hoping to set a snowball in motion, getting more Indians to the mountains and inspiring them to experience mountains differently. Towering above Manali, the town in Himachal Pradesh...

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This films underpinning themes are around female participation in traditional climbing and the potential sanitisation of ‘adventurous’ climbing, and the culture of breeding ‘fear’ through inauthentic media outputs. The film explores the way the four women came together to create a festival that a...

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My 10-year-old son died in 2019, but lived an adventure-filled and wise life. In 24 Leeches he narrates a family canoe adventure to the Slate Islands of Ontario, Canada and reflects on camping, the changing climate of our Earth and especially his beloved Lake Superior. One part family adventure...

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In the mountains behind the sleepy coastal town of Powell River, BC, a small group of rock climbers has spent decades quietly pioneering routes on some of the largest granite walls in Canada. As the last stands of old-growth trees harboured in these valleys come under threat of logging, the climb...

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It almost ended before it started, with the crash of their first-speed yacht record attempt, the disaster that broke the short-lived Wood Duck. The Iron Duck tells a story of how Bob Dill and Bob Schumacher went on to build and sail the fastest wind-powered vehicle in the world. In 1999, they sh...

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Change is part and parcel of development and Nepal is undergoing a major transformation. Using water resources to generate energy is one of its pillars for the future, even if this means paying too high a price. Four kayakers set out to descend the fierce waters of the Karnali, as part of an expe...

Raising cattle doesn’t usually rate as an earth-friendly practice. Amy O’Hoyt, a first-generation rancher, can confirm. So she bucked the standard way of producing beef to finish her cattle on the grass growing in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, rotating pastures, and proving there’s a way for...

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This films follows Andrew Paddison , a Thalidomider,challenge himself by handcycling around the north coast of Scotland and raise awareness and money for SafeLives Charity, a domestic abuse charity.

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This is the story of three groups of winter adventurers, each dedicated to the pursuit of adventure, each loyal to their home playground. Filmed in three iconic winter locations, AWAKEN follows these adventurers as they are faced with the growing impact of climate change, right in their backyard....

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It's May 2020. The UK has been in lockdown for over a month leaving many people feeling isolated and anxious. Photographer Nick Pumphrey turned to where he feels most at home - the sea. In May he dedicated to taking his camera in the sea for every dawn of the month, and sharing his experience eac...

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In 2008 Dustin Reynolds was riding his motorcycle when he was hit by a drunk driver. As he lay on the road, still conscious and aware that he had lost an arm and a leg, he debated the awful choice before him. Call 911, live and be disabled; or die on the road. Fours years later Dustin, who had n...


While mourning her late husband, Sarah Hornby craved an opportunity to connect with him through his biggest passion. Her goal was simple. She would attempt all 10 routes he created while researching his Bikepacking in the Canadian Rockies guidebook, in a single year. As she pedaled, her story tra...

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An epic tale of the sea, told through one young man's personal journey to understand his father, who died while rowing the Pacific.


Water Flows Together elevates the importance of acknowledging Indigenous land in outdoor recreation through the voice of Colleen Cooley, one of the few female Diné (Navajo) river guides on the San Juan River. In sharing Colleen's perspective, we are given a glimpse into native views on issues of...

Directed by Beau Miles

This is the story of spending a night in a big old gumtree. Strapped to three builders planks- one of which had a large crack that I thought was spilled paint, I slept with one eye open, which was pleasant because I could see the view. Originally driven by the premise of backyard adventuring, usi...

Directed by Kaya Ensor

Kwando tells the story of a young Angolan fisherman, haunted by his past as a child soldier and unsure of his future, who joins a team of international scientists to explore one of Angola’s last unexplored rivers. Through hardships, scientific discoveries and his own growing interest in birds, he...

Directed by Nathan McNeil

On January 5 1956, a man named John Stuart died in remote Southwest Tasmania on a climbing & exploration expedition into the region. Although it was summer, John died of exposure to freezing conditions 9 days into his journey, shortly after summiting Federation Peak & spending the proceeding 3 da...

Directed by Jacob Oster

The Road. It takes us from point A, to point B, and all the way to point C. In a small nook of Oregon lies a gem. The cows outnumber the humans and its wilderness landscape has ingrained itself as a spiritual guider of the local population. As the majority goes one way, we go another in search o...

Directed by Jan Zurek

A highline project organized by passionate woman all around the globe.

Directed by Erik Nylander

The prevailing climate threat has made a bunch of Swedish extreme skiers and snowboarders travel with trains and ferries from Stockholm all the way to Japan, in search of deep powder and the adventure of a lifetime. 
 Along the world longest train ride, they make various stops in Siberia's remote...

Directed by Émile Dontigny

Growing up in the Laurentian Mountains, I've always had a knack for the outdoors as well as the subsequent stories that emerge. In 2014, I founded a small filmmaking collective called The Loners with a few friends. Since then, we have produced several short films about backcountry skiing expediti...

Directed by Rob Johnson

Charlie Leeds (aka Mark Valentine) has become a bit of a legend in the outdoor world. Famously a modern day hard man, working as a bouncer on the streets of Leeds, his cover was blown when visitors to his bar found him reading "The Nature of Snowdonia" on the door. This film visits Charlie in h...

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What does it take to become the first human to swim under the Antarctic ice sheet wearing nothing but a cap, goggles, and a speedo? On the Edge follows endurance swimmer and UN Patron of the Oceans, Lewis Pugh, in his toughest swim ever.


Hydrotherapy is a short film story of adaptation, strength & rewilding set in the raw and beautiful landscapes of Snowdonia National park. Laura has not only overcome a life-changing illness through wild swimming, but has also found a greater connection to the natural world. This has ignited her...

Directed by Elina Osborne

They say your first thru-hike is like your first love. In April of 2019 with just a pack on her back, a kiwi girl from West Auckland, New Zealand took the first steps of a journey that would change her world. The continuous footpath that spans 4270 kilometres from the border of Mexico up through...

Directed by Isabela Zawistowska

Approach to Caliche is a short film about Nicole Vidal, Puerto Rico's only female climbing guide, who shares her story about embracing failure through climbing. In the film, she redpoints a route called “My Right Foot,” which is a classic overhanging route in Caliche. Caliche is located in the...

Directed by Susanna Kosa

"Just Be" is a short movie about the art of living wide rather than living long. "Life's short, they say. But...maybe it's just long enough, if you live it right." This line from the movie is a variation of thoughts from the philosopher Seneca, who basically said, that if you live a fulfilled li...

Directed by Awi Rabelista

"An unforgettable adventure, seeking for natural beauty in a warzone." Professional nature photographer Marsel van Oosten wants to travel to Socotra: an isolated island located southeast of Yemen. The island is so isolated that many of the plant species there are nowhere else to be found on Eart...

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City Trippin is a short film documenting our adventure project, where we took a group of disadvantaged inner-city kids out from the confines of the concrete jungle. Giving them an opportunity to extend their horizons in a bigger world outside of their normal environment. We capture their stories,...

Directed by Jonny Campbell

By living in his converted van, Sam is able to lead a lifestyle in tune with the natural rhythms of the sea. 'To surf is to travel, and the surfer is a nomad'.

Directed by Eric Ebner

Millions of single use plastics are discarded every day across the globe. What happens then? Artist Liina Klauss attempts to visualize the journey of all disgraced plastics through her installation on a beach in Bali, Indonesia. Find out more at

Directed by Dan Raven-Ellison

What do the UK's National Parks really look like? To see what these landscapes are made-up of, let's go on a walk. Each second of the walk reveals 1% of our National Parks and how they appear from above. Are you ready for the UK's national parks in 100 seconds?