2022 Official selections

Directed by Bruce Murray

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Scotland has witnessed a spectacular rise in those participating in cold water swimming. In a country that enjoys thousands of miles of dramatic coastline, an abundance of beautiful lochs, waterfalls and rivers, ordinary folk up and down the country have brave...

Directed by Maxime Moulin

Flow, an aerial and symphonic journey with skier Sam Favret, in the heart of a closed resort during this very special winter of 2021. A dose of unreality, serenity and Sam's powerful skiing. But above all the pleasure of rediscovering a playground back to its wild state.

Directed by Austin Smock

Jon Yazzie struggled to connect to his cultural identity for some time, leading him to make the wrong life choices and lack a sense of belonging. It wasn't until he discovered bikepacking and made his way back to the Navajo reservation that he could regain that connection and feel at peace with h...

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