2022 Official selections

Directed by Amanda Sosnowski

In the farmland of England’s East Anglia, a search and rescue mission is underway. A team is working to excavate land haunted by ghosts… but these are not ordinary ghosts… they are ghost ponds. Norfolk used to have more ponds than any other English county, but over the past 50 years the pressures...

Directed by Gregor D Sinclair

The Northwest Highlands is an area unlike any other on Earth. Wild, storm-weathered wildernesses of rock, heather and bog stretch north for hundreds of miles. Laying claim to the lowest population density in Western Europe, it nevertheless supports a people with a proud history and culture, who d...

Directed by Jack Smith

What do the UK's National Parks really look like? To see what these landscapes are made-up of, let's go on a walk. Each second of the walk reveals 1% of our National Parks and how they appear from above. Are you ready for the UK's national parks in 100 seconds?

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