2023 Official selections

Directed by Will Reddaway

Tragedies in former lifeguard Brendon Prince's past forced a huge change in his life to pursue water safety education. But in the pursuit of raising awareness for this cause he must put his own life at risk, pushing his limits and attempting something that no one has ever accomplished before. Is...


After years apart, childhood friends Emil and Jonathan reunite in hopes of rediscovering their friendship and freedom of their youth. Together they decide to leave the city and survive 90 days in the wild woods of Sweden. But without experience or knowledge, the dream of a playful and nature-roma...

Directed by Peter Dippel

Rethinking routines. Breaking with habits. Exploring new paths. “More than a route” is a documentary about finding a way to protect what we love: It follows top climber and ecologist Lena Müller on her new approach to mountain sports. Ecopoint is climbing car free, so Lena sets out with her grave...


Follow the life changing events that led window cleaner Steve Truluck to discover his passion - helping others fulfil their dreams of connecting with orcas. Steve was trapped in a mundane life, but a job relocation to Scotland unexpectedly ignited what quickly became an obsession for marine wildl...

2023 Special selections

Directed by Alex Gorosh

We took a telescope around the streets of Los Angeles to give strangers an up-close look at a familiar object; a new view of the moon.

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