2023 Official selections

Directed by Alistair Evans

A small, impoverished Vietnamese community struggles to deal with the opportunity and challenges that arise when Hang Son Doong, the largest cave in the world and a place of extraordinary natural beauty is discovered nearby.

In the heart of Virginia, the Richmond Cycling Corps (RCC) is hard at work connecting with local youth and helping them discover the power of cycling. RCC Director Matt Kuhn has built an incredible community of young cyclists and has helped kids find their way as aspiring engineers, professional...

Directed by Bryony Stokes

Living on the Edge is presented by passionate ultra-runner Emma Hazeldine and follows her as she makes her way around the Cornish coast, discovering how people in seaside communities are starting to face up to climate change impacts such as sea level rise, increased storms and coastal erosion.


After years apart, childhood friends Emil and Jonathan reunite in hopes of rediscovering their friendship and freedom of their youth. Together they decide to leave the city and survive 90 days in the wild woods of Sweden. But without experience or knowledge, the dream of a playful and nature-roma...

Directed by Andrew Harrison Brown

The ocean has been a source of spiritual connection, traditional knowledge and cultural practices for the Makah people for generations. After learning to surf through a local non-profit nearly half a decade ago, 13-year-old Ava now uses her sport as a way to connect with the land, ocean, and her...

Directed by Alice Aedy

Told from the perspective of indigenous activist Narubia Werreria, ‘The Ghost Rainforest’ follows a group of five indigenous leaders and activists from the Amazon, making an emotionally charged journey to the last remnant of a lost ecosystem; a desperately rare temperate rainforest habitat on the...

Directed by Rozanna Barry

A girl's weekend away like no other. Wanting an adventure that had never been done before (and that could happen on their doorstep), friends Bex Band and Emma Rosen attempt to packraft and hike between the longest, highest and deepest lakes in England. Battling achy arms, bad weather, mum-guilt a...

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