2023 Official selections

Directed by Zeppelin Zeerip

When you see a beautiful picture of a person standing on top of a big mountain, it's easy to assume their life, one of adventure, must be bliss. It's simple, right? No screens, no deadlines, just the awe of nature and moving your body in places most of us only dream of. You’re at the top of the w...

Directed by Phil Hill

Jude Palmer became incredibly ill with mental health struggles. Liminal explores how wild swimming in rivers, lakes and oceans has helped her deal with her illness and how she now helps others discover the benefits of nature and being in water. Jude likes having adventures and loves taking others...

Directed by Christopher Lewis Thomas

Within the unforgiving environment, the walls of a Welsh quarry provide a climber with the physical and mental strength to prevent a functional neurological disorder from defining who she is, but also to find solace and reconnection through the act of climbing.

Directed by Ryan Van Kesteren

Last year, Will Renwick started running from Swansea Observatory. On his back he had a small bag loaded with a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat and very little else. His intention was to see more of his home country, to have a grand adventure, and to raise funds to support mental health charity,...

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