2023 Official selections

Directed by Bryony Stokes

Living on the Edge is presented by passionate ultra-runner Emma Hazeldine and follows her as she makes her way around the Cornish coast, discovering how people in seaside communities are starting to face up to climate change impacts such as sea level rise, increased storms and coastal erosion.

Directed by Catherine Dunn

Have you ever discovered something unbelievable? Something life changing? But when you finally summon the words to tell someone, you're met with that classic line: 'but your generation will save us'. Not a Hero's Journey is a long distance adventurous protest to the COP26 climate summit. The clim...

Directed by Euan Robinson

The uncertain future of skiing in Scotland has inspired Jamie Kunka to make sustainable skis out of wood. Based in his cabin in the Scottish Highlands, Jamie is the last ski maker in Scotland. Jamie began teaching himself how to make his wooden skis after watching a Vimeo Staff Pick by Wyatt Visu...

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