David Haze
Written by David Haze
Published on 22nd July 2021
4 min read

At the start of 2020 David Haze was sitting in a prison cell. Just over a year later he's broken four stand up paddleboarding world records on his way to a new life. 

For me adventure is a way of life - something that can be embraced in any aspect of our lives. But not many people see it that way, and I have to admit, neither did I. Not until I used adventure as a tool for transformation and rehabilitation, creating my own personal motto: “through adventure we live.”

It is sad to say it took me to be sitting in a six by four prison cell serving a two year, eight month sentence to come to terms with how far I had truly strayed. My path in life was overgrown, with no destination in sight and nothing to live for.

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