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Published on 16th April 2021
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As Britain escapes lockdown, home-grown adventure is set to explode this summer.

What special skills do you need to know if you’re heading up into the wilds of our hills and mountains?

To help everyone Respect The Wild, the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) has launched a new series of advice codes and films that reveal the secrets for sustainable and successful wilderness trips.

  • Adventurer Dwayne Fields teams up with wild camping expert Phoebe Smith to show you how to leave no trace when camping in the hills.
  • Rock climber Robbie Phillips chats about the van life craze and how to stay low profile when you park up.
  • Expert climbers Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall explain how top-class adventurers keep it clean on the most challenging climbs in the world.

Help us spread respect

Our message is simple: it’s time to Respect The Wild. The BMC have produced expert advice on how to wild camp, how to stay in your campervan and the art of the wild poo. Each advice code is backed up by a new film...

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Dwayne Fields and Phoebe Smith, Founders of Team WeTwo, said:

"Our motto is, it's not about planting flags but about planting seeds, which is why we are so happy to back this campaign. Teaching people to wild camp responsibly is key to protecting wild spaces for all of us and, importantly, the next generation. If we can show them how wonderful the outdoors can be whilst showing by example how to care for it, then we can create a whole new army of ambassadors who are passionate about caring for our wilderness areas."

Rob Dyer, BMC Access & Conservation Officer said:

“It's never been more important to know how to enjoy the wilderness in the most sustainable way, and the vast majority of visitors are keen to get it right. By following the Respect the Wild codes on wild camping, van camping and the art of the wild poo, you can do just that.”

“More experienced wild campers and van campers may feel they already do everything they can to minimise their impact. By sharing the new Respect The Wild codes, and following them, they can be role models for visitors inspired to follow in their footsteps.”

Respect The Rock

The new #RespectWild codes sit alongside the BMC’s Respect The Rock code, which encourages outdoor climbers to help protect natural crags for the future by thinking of the impact on the environment, leaving no trace and respecting others.

No Moor BBQs

The #RespectWild codes include the important advice never to light a campfire or BBQ in moorland areas. Each year, moorland fires have a devastating effect on wildlife, livestock and people, and can often destroy the underlying peat that is crucial in our fight against climate change. To protect our moorland landscapes the BMC are calling on government to make the use of disposable barbecues on open moorland a criminal offence. The BMC NoMoorBBQs campaign is part of The Climate Project.

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