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Published on 10th January 2020
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Love Her Wild have recently announced a Women’s End2End Relay, where hundred’s of women from all walks of life will work in a hiking relay team stretching the length of the UK

The Women’s End2End Relay is a hiking challenge stretching the length of the UK from Lands End to John O’Groats. Women from across the nation will help carry the baton which will pass through England, Wales and Scotland covering 2,028km and taking a total of 74 days to complete. All women are invited to join and can sign up to participate for one day or multiple days.

The aim of the relay is to celebrate more women getting outdoors, as well as highlighting the importance of protecting the UK’s wild spaces. All money raised from the relay will go to support UK conservation work carried out by The Woodland Trust.

Organiser, Bex Band, said: “By putting together this team relay, we hope to encourage more women across the UK to get outdoors exploring our countries incredible wild spaces. Adventures build confidence, forge new friendships and help women realise their true potential.”

“I discovered my love of the outdoors late in life but going on adventures was the best thing I ever did. I really struggled with my confidence initially though and found the outdoor space very off-putting as it can be judgmental and competitive. I also noticed there was a real lack of women.”

The Women’s End2End Relay is going to be Love Her Wild's most ambitious team adventure yet – launching at Lands End on April 1 and finishing 74 days later on the 13th
June. The baton is going to be carved from a piece of locally sourced birch wood and a competition will run for girls across the UK to design the baton.

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Distance: 2,028km
Time: 74 days
Total Elevation: 36,970m