Charlotte Raffo
Written by Charlotte Raffo
Published on 19th January 2020
5 min read
RethinKIT - an ethos, exhibition and, hopefully, a movement for change.

A new edition to our 2020 Film Festival line-up, RethinKIT, is our opportunity as a community, individuals and consumers to raise awareness, provoke conversation and challenge ourselves to enjoy our gear... without it, literally, costing the earth. 

What’s involved?

Swap & Share

Wanted: forgotten rucksacks, wetsuits under wardrobes, jackets gathering dust. Bring what you no longer want and find something you do at our adventure clothes and gear swap, run by LoanHood.


Save money, guilt and the planet’s finite resources by getting your kit fixed. The amazing crew at SEAM will be on-site to stitch, patch and mend. Arrive early to be first in line or book ahead of time by emailing with a short description and a photo of your item.


Test shoes made from algae, hang in a sustainable hammock and slide into swimwear made from fishing nets as we showcase the best examples of product and service innovation from the industry’s most responsible companies. Riz Boardshorts are offering a 'shorts amnesty' where you can bring in your old polyester shorts for recycling, preventing their end of life, in return for vouchers.

Who’s involved?

Millican, Vivobarefoot, Tentsile, Gather Outdoors, Firepot Food, Temple Cycles, Slo Active, Riz Boardshorts, Kartent, Labo Mono, BBCo, Albion Cycling, Bamboo Cycles, Wado, Ecoalf, Bluefin SUP plus more to be announced.

*See below for how the clothes and gear swap works.

Join us on February 6th at The Boiler House in London. Doors open at 5pm -> Click here to get your ticket.

How it works:

5-7 pm
Drop off your items with the Loanhood team. They will assess your garbs and give you a token.
1 x Token – preloved under £50 RRP
2 x Token – preloved over £50 RRP & great condition
Any particularly valuable or special garments will be assigned their own token currency and showcased with similar items.

8:15 pm - 9 pm
With your tokens in hand browse the rails for new-to-you items. Try things on, gram the look, and choose items equal to the value of your tokens.
To ‘pay’, bring the items you want to one of the Swap Shop Assistants and use your tokens to ‘purchase’.

10 pm-11 pm
POWER HOUR. If you run out of tokens or just want to get involved, extra tokens will be available to purchase. All proceeds will go to our festival charity partner.
Any items not swapped will be donated to Gift Your Gear.

What to bring: 

  • No more than 10 items of clothing, accessories and/or footwear clean and ready to go on the racks
  • All shapes and sizes including children's clothing welcome
  • No oversized equipment
  • Clean and of good quality
  • Free of faults or minor repairs
  • Something you once valued or will be valued by someone else. Ask yourself - would you give this to a friend?
  • No underwear.

The value of each item will be assigned by the Swap Shop Assistants and unchangeable after donation.
You can only swap if you bring items to exchange.
Please do not move items across Token Boutiques and seek your Swap Shop Assistant if you have a query.
We can refuse any items brought to the event that do not meet the criteria of the token system.
We appreciate your honesty. Please refrain from taking any garments you have not officially swapped.

Want to get involved?

Email us now!