Sam Firman
Written by Sam Firman
Published on 1st June 2020
2 min read
We're on a mission to live adventurously and build a better society by giving a platform to people, organisations and ideas breaking new ground.

We’re stoked to announce a new chapter for Adventure Uncovered - our renewed approach to storytelling: Adventure Uncovered Editions. Each Edition will be a thematic collection of adventure storytelling - interviews, articles, longform features, films, photography, curated lists, how-to guides and more - released together, akin to a digital magazine, at the start of each month.

Our content is not limited to Editions. Our Stories section will also include timely features, campaigns, film festival content and other contributions that we feel work best as standalone pieces.

We are proud of the content we have produced until now. But think this bigger, bolder and better approach will help us:

  1. Bring a diverse range of voices from the adventure community, including those often silenced, into a constructive conversation around important issues. 
  2. Leave people (ourselves included!) feeling inspired, provoked and informed.
  3. Create a kaleidoscopic showcase of adventure stories, with no stone left unturned.

If you have any feedback - critical or congratulatory - or ideas as to what our content should look like, our inbox is always open. You can email our Editor Sam at

Likewise, if you have an idea for submission we would love to hear about it, read our submissions guidelines here or contact us here. We welcome all ideas from all people, groups and brands.

Ultimately our storytelling will be shaped, and its success judged, by our audience: you. We will get some things wrong, but that shouldn’t stop us making bold commitments. We invite you on this journey with us, to guide us and hold us to account. We are listening.