This article is from Edition 13: Slowing Down
Sam Firman
Written by Sam Firman
Published on 23rd December 2021
4 min read

Slowness is a swelling cultural undercurrent. The complexities and crises of our globalised world demand it, even if we are not very good at giving it. But in the adventure world, broadly and loosely defined, slowness is taking root in challenging and thought-provoking ways. The list below gathers nine excellent, diverse things to read, watch or listen. In different ways they all ask us what the lens of slowness might offer.

Are We Doing Vacations Wrong? Bani Amor, Yes! Magazine

In this provocative essay, Bani Amor asks whether the most helpful way for privileged leisure travellers to travel might, in fact, be to not travel at all - or, to travel into our homelands, rather than escape from them. 

“Perhaps we need to think about home and belonging more intentionally and invest in our local communities to recognize our important roles in them—before we plan our next big vacation,” they write. “Escape is easy. Long-term commitment takes care and work. Many of the people shouldering that responsibility are the ones who can’t escape, and they deserve a break, too.”

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