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Daisy Maddinson
Written by Daisy Maddinson
Published on 30th April 2023
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Watch The Engine Inside: Official Trailer, a documentary film about riding towards a better future.

30 April - Vancouver, British Columbia

Coming Summer 2023, the new documentary feature film The Engine Inside tells the stories of six everyday people from all over the globe, who reveal the unique power of the bicycle to change lives and build a better world. Through each character’s story, the film uncovers the often-overlooked potential of this 200-year-old machine, exploring its impact on a wide-range of global issues such as physical and mental health, socio-economic inequality and climate change.

By shining a light on people who have embraced cycling as a way to overcome daunting personal and systemic challenges, The Engine Inside ultimately asks viewers to reconsider their own perspective. Is there a transformative power within us all that can be unlocked through the simple act of riding a bike?

'Never before have we experienced as many converging problems: the climate crisis, social and economic inequality, cultural trauma, and transportation issues. The Engine Inside is about unlocking the bicycle as a simple solution. The timing and the message of this film have never been as poignant or urgent as now.'

Darcy Wittenburg, Director

Narrated by the “voice of cycling” Phil Liggett, paired with an eclectic soundtrack and immersive cinematography, the film weaves together an emotional and informative celebration of the bicycle’s world-changing potential. The film is set to be released in Summer 2023.

To join the movement and help spread the word about the transformative power of the bicycle, use the hashtag #EngineInside on social media.

Key Release Dates

  • April 22: Official film trailer release on Earth Day
  • June 3: World Premiere, Move - Pon HQ, Amsterdam
  • June 4 - July 6: Exclusive premiere events
  • July 7: Non-exclusive film screening events
  • Mid-July: Digital Download sales begin (iTunes, Google Play, Vimeo, etc…)

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Shimano, Pon.Bike and PeopleForBikes present an Anthill Films production, narrated by the voice of cycling, Phil Liggett. Featuring Jay Bearhead, Nouran Salah, RRDBlocks, Janice Tower, Megan Hottman and Kwabena Danso, with Danny MacAskill and Robert Gesink.

About Anthill Films
Anthill Films is a collaborative team of visual storytellers who constantly push physical and technical boundaries to create films that inspire a way of life. For almost 20 years Anthill’s award-winning cinematography has combined stunning, up-close action with an authentic insight into the people, cultures and environments of the cycling world. Over that time, the Anthill crew has produced 12 feature films, three television series and hundreds of shorts, all focused on the power, beauty and athleticism of the bike.