Charlotte Raffo
Written by Charlotte Raffo
Published on 20th March 2020
5 min read
Our weekly pick of purpose-driven, adventure stories from around the world.

🐮 If you need cheering up, check out this picture of a ‘sea calf’ born on Monday after her mother swam four miles in the open sea to save her. 🐮

🌿 With empty shelves becoming the norm, Fore/Adventure tells us how to Forage for our Health. 🌿

🏡 Can I go outside or can’t I? Outdoor People guide us through the latest findings and suggest ideas to keep you safe and sane over the coming weeks. 🏡

🌴 AI is saving the rainforest. Here’s how. 🌴

⛵️ With less boat traffic, Venice canals have seen an influx of nature including dolphins, fish and swans. Nature is rebooting. ⛵️