This article is from Edition 09: Backyard Celebration
Rosie Riley
Written by Rosie Riley
Sally Hosie
Written by Sally Hosie
Published on 6th May 2021
3 min read

As the weather warms, and we venture out on backyard bicycle adventures, we caught up with Temple Cycles about their new Just One Bike campaign, Temple Rideouts and the Covid cycling surge.

Rosie: We’ve seen a huge surge in cycling popularity over the past year, with lots more people getting bikes and exploring their local areas. Is this something you’ve noticed at Temple?

Sally: During the first lockdown, we noticed cycling was starting to have a bit of a revival, and there was a big increase in demand for our bikes. This was felt by the industry as a whole, and although this year hasn’t been without its challenges (we’ve had to scale things up in our production process to meet demand), it’s brilliant that the industry has thrived in such a difficult time. We’re grateful to be so busy. 

Over the last year, with everyone cooped up in their homes, lots of people were inspired to find new ways to enjoy the outdoors. It's great to see more cyclists on the roads, more people having adventures on two wheels and falling in love with cycling. 

Rosie: What does ‘Backyard Adventure’ mean for you guys at Temple?  

For us, Backyard Adventures are what make cycling so enjoyable. To be able to leave home in the morning - perhaps by yourself to clear your head, or with a friend for some company - and come home that evening having discovered another local hidden gem is such a joy. There are always new routes to be found and new places to explore. 

Rosie: Backyard Adventure has been a bit of a theme this past year, as international travel and even travel around the UK has been curbed. In 10 words or less, tell us what you love about a local bike ride. 

Sally: Cycling provides an accessible way to explore the outdoors freely. 

Rosie: For the Bristol-based community, tell us a ride you love in Bristol’s backyard? 

Sally: Bristol is a brilliant city because we’re surrounded by such a wealth of different landscapes that are only ever a short ride away. We particularly love heading west out of the city and into the variety of gravel tracks, forest trails and country lanes that can be found in North Somerset. 

Rosie: And for the Londoners? 

Sally: Our shop is based in Shoreditch, which is close to so many great cycle routes. Nothing beats going out for a Sunday ride through East London with a few coffee stops along the way. Although if you fancy trying out a gravel ride, we recommend heading further afield to Epping Forest for some grit.

Rosie: Tell us about your Just One Bike campaign. What do you hope it will achieve? 

Sally: Our Just One Bike campaign launched earlier this month, and celebrates the versatility of our hand-built bikes. We truly believe that people don’t need to own lots of bikes for different kinds of cycling. You only really need one do-it-all bike that suits your needs. 

For example, someone who lives in the city and commutes to work will find one of our Singlespeed or Lightweight models suits them just fine. They are perfect for nipping around town and stretching your legs on the weekends. A cyclist who wants to take on some longer trips or gravel rides might prefer one of our Adventure Disc models that can take them further afield, but will still serve them well on gentle rides nearer home.  

Rosie: And what’s all this we’ve seen about Temple Rideouts? They sound like the perfect Backyard Adventure…

We launched our Temple Rideouts earlier this year as a way to bring our community together. Our free group rides take place once a fortnight in London and Bristol, and cater to all abilities, with an emphasis on having fun, exploring interesting places and meeting new people. So far, we’ve taken groups out on gentle 20km rides around East London and longer 50km gravel rides in the woods. We have lots more adventures planned throughout the summer. 

Photo: Temple Cycles

'We launched our Temple Rideouts earlier this year as a way to bring our community together ... free group rides, once a fortnight in London and Bristol, all abilities, with an emphasis on having fun.'

Rosie: As everyone is dusting off their bikes, buying new ones and getting outside, what is your list of the top ten things to take, do or remember on a Backyard Adventure? 


  • Plenty of snacks (we love Outdoor Provisions)
  • Lots of water
  • Extra layers - you never know what the weather might do 
  • A raincoat (for the same reason)
  • Tools for last-minute repairs (we won’t be caught without our Bamboo Multi Tool and a spare inner tube or two) 
  • A swimming costume incase there is some water to cool off in
  • A friend - the more the merrier! 
  • A stop off at a cafe or pub is essential for any day-long cycling adventure
  • Remember, a steep climb up to a viewing spot is always worthwhile 
  • Don’t forget to slow down and enjoy the journey


Temple Cycles' bike shops in Bristol and London are open. Check out their great range of bikes here (we love their Adventure Disc) and join up for a Temple Rideout now