This article is from Edition 12: Ride the Change - Cycle to COP26
Harriet Talbot
Written by Harriet Talbot
Published on 16th November 2021
1 min read

Harriet Talbot shares a short poem from her lessons on the road during The Ride for Change, October 24-31, 2021.

Oh to be a cyclist
Pedalling on the road
Riding the wheels of change
Before this world implodes

If only they could see
This landscape we want to protect
If only they could feel
The power of when we connect

Individually we are strong
But together we are stronger
The ability to go faster
The capability to go longer

The power of collective
Is the power that we need
To change the system around us
So that people and planet succeed

My lesson from the road
Is one that is not unknown
It's that 'together' brings a kind of strength
That it's impossible to find alone.